We want to set a good example!

We, Michael Loderer and Mag. Karin Schlager, see it as an important task as a master goldsmith, gemologist and expert to stand up for sustainability in the jewellery industry and only use precious metals and gemstones that come from a fair and ethically correct production.

What does fair mining and trade mean in the jewellery sector?

“Fair” precious metals and gemstones have two essential basic properties, they are “fair mined” and “fair traded”. For us, this means that precious metals are mined in monitored mines in the country of origin according to strict criteria. The local people receive a fair wage for their work and they no longer have to work in an undignified and uncontrolled working environment for our jewellery. Child labor is prohibited without exception.

We buy our precious metals and semi-finished products from the Austrian cutting company ÖGUSSA, which, like us, is committed to such international standards in terms of the environment, human rights, clean and fair manufacture, extraction and production of precious metals, as can be found on their website www.oegussa.at.

Certifications in the form of Blockchain are being pushed by corporations. Blockchain is a traceable supply chain from the origin of the raw material, its processing through to the end user. Registration and documentation of the goods ensure traceability from the starting point to the end point and should give the consumer protection and security.

(Dr. Laurent E. Cartier, 2019, Tracebility and Blockchain for Gemstones, Gemguide, 2019 Sept.-Oct, S.2.)

Why should recycled gold be used?

This also represents an important form of sustainability and resource conservation. The recycling of gold means that no additional mercury and no cyanide are required for the mining. The health of mine workers, but also the groundwater of the people living on site, does not have to be seriously affected. There is no need to dig deeper and more dangerous shafts and therefore risk human lives.

What options do consumers have if they have inherited, unworn or outdated jewellery?

If our customers trust us with such jewellery, we can point out different options with our expert advice.

One variant is to create a new, creative jewellery idea from old gold. After extensive consultation, a new, high-quality, trendy piece of jewellery is created. As your master goldsmith and appraiser, we feel responsible for the quality of the pieces of jewellery that we manufacture for you as our customers. We work according to the principle: quality comes before quantity, tradition is revived and skill comes before short-lived fashion trends. After the reworking of the original jewellery, the customer should receive a high-quality and attractive piece of jewellery as a result, which he will enjoy for a long time. In addition, this in turn makes a significant contribution to sustainability, since existing resources are reprocessed.

Jewellery that is not processed can be redeemed at the scrap precious metal price of the day. As appraisers and experts, we recommend that you have your old gold examined by a specialist. You may find out that gemstones or valuable work techniques are incorporated into your old jewellery that are more valuable than expected.

In this context, we would like to expressly warn against internet offers, or gold buyers available at short notice, since precious metal prices often differ considerably.

In our expertise, we always offer you individual, highly qualified advice and we will respond to your specific customer needs.